Arlekin Players Theatre

Arlekin Players Theatre

Arlekin Players Theatre

LIVE ZOOM Theater ART Experiment


Play by Yaroslava Pulinovich

"...Exciting! A really clever production! A gripping performance!" – Jared Bowen, WGBH

"...visionary!" – Nancy Grossman, BROADWAYWORLD.COM

"...brilliant portrayal!" – Don Aucoin, THE BOSTON GLOBE

"...boldly creative!" – Ed Siegel, WBUR

Direction - Igor Golyak
Animation - Anton Iakhontov
Video design - Igor Golyak
Composer - Vadim Khrapatchev
Translation - John Freedman


Produced by Arlekin Players Theatre and Sara Stackhouse
Co-presented with Arts Emerson

Featuring Darya Denisova as Natasha Banina

State vs Natasha Banina, a newly-conceived live theater and art experiment directed by Igor Golyak (2020 Elliot Norton Award-winner) based on Yaroslava Pulinovich’s Natasha’s Dream.

In telling the story of Natasha Banina, actress Darya Denisova (2020 Elliot Norton Award-winner for Outstanding Actress by the Boston Critics Association) of Arletin Players Theatre in Boston, will interact with the audience throughout the entire live performance.

In State vs Natasha Banina, Denisova tells the story of her life in a small-town orphanage, and her desire to be free; break out of her world. From the inside of a "ZOOM" courtroom, she will make twists and turns through her unique appeal to audiences as the jurors, letting them into her world where she dreams about love, family, acceptance, adjusting and her future. Ultimately the two worlds collide and the audience gets to decide her fate.

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