To Do This Week: Watch ‘Eugene Onegin,’ Get Billy Idol’s Autograph, Drink Canned Wine

May 28, 2014

Stop watching Beaches, The Way We Were or whatever people watch when they break up. (Is there a movie yet about vampires breaking up? Definitely stop watching that.) Start watching Eugene Onegin, which features one of the best break-up stories of all time. The Cherry Orchard Festival’s production of the Russian classic opens to the public from May 30 to June 1, but we’ll be there two days early at the press review just to shout, “Why don’t you love me!?” at every single member of the cast. New York City Center rehearsal studio, 130 W. 56th Street,

212-581-1212, 8 p.m.,, invite only

Source: New York Observer

Author: By Jennifer Ashley Wright

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